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Researcher seeks info on INCO private patterns

Private patterns executed by International Nickel Company during the 1964 and 1965 search for a compositional alternative to silver are being extensively studied by numismatic researcher Roger W. Burdette.

As part of his research, Burdette seeks the assistance of any collectors who might own or know the whereabouts of any INCO pieces similar to those illustrated with this article.

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These pieces include metal discs approximately the diameter and thickness of a U.S. quarter dollar and bearing engraved numbers and letters similar to the “18% nickel silver” piece illustrated.

Burdette indicated that he can make arrangements to travel to examine significant collections. Collectors with interesting INCO items can reach Burdette via email at

Among the pieces produced by INCO are those bearing the date 1964 on the obverse and TEST PIECE on the reverse; pieces featuring Dr. Paul D. Merica on the obverse and the laboratory where they were struck on the reverse.

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