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Release dates for 2023 American Women quarter dollars set

Release dates have been announced for the five 2023 American Women quarter dollars.
➤ Jan. 3, Bessie Coleman, African-American aviator.
➤ March 27, Edith Kanaka’ole, indigenous Hawaiian composer, chanter, dancer, teacher, and entertainer.
➤June 5, Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady.
➤Aug. 14, Jovita Idar, Mexican American journalist, suffragist and civil rights activist.
➤ Oct. 23 Maria Tallchief, nation’s first Native American prima ballerina.

The five 2023 American Women quarter dollars will also be offered as numismatic products throughout the calendar year in different finishes and in different packaging options from production at the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints.

Each of the 2023 quarter dollars will be offered with a circulation-quality finish as numismatic products above face value at intervals throughout the calendar year.

The circulation-finish coins will be offered in 100-coin bags of coins from either the Philadelphia Mint or Denver Mint at $40 per canvas bag; two-roll set of 40 coins per roll comprising output from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints for $36; and a three-roll set containing 40-coin rolls of coins from the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints, to be offered at a price to be revealed later.

The numismatic product schedule for 2023 reflecting releases to the general public can be found on the U.S. Mint’s website catalog online at

Although it has not yet been announced, the 2023 quarter dollar product options are likely to be offered to registered U.S. Mint customers through advance subscriptions before the public release dates.

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