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Collector Jeff Kelsey wanted to know by what means Coin World was able to know how well the U.S. Mint’s sales were progressing for the 2014-P National Baseball Hall of Fame silver dollars.

Image courtesy of United States Mint.

I read the online version of Coin World, and frequently there are references to how many of a particular U.S. Mint product have been sold. For instance, one of your writers said at one point that over 91 percent of the authorized maximum mintage of 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame silver dollars have been sold. How does he know that? Does he have to ask someone at the Mint personally? Or is there a particular link on the U.S. Mint’s website where anyone can access the information?

Jeff Kelsey, via email

The author of that article, Paul Gilkes, has covered the United States Mint news beat for more than two decades. In this capacity, he is in almost daily contact with the individual staff members of the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications (formerly Office of Public Affairs).

The Office of Corporate Communications staff get the latest sales information from the Mint’s Office of Sales and Marketing and disseminate that information to members of the news media who request it, in a report that comes out via email once a week.

Beyond that weekly report, if more than one numismatic media outlet is seeking the same sales information, the Mint’s Office for Corporate Communication will  send a “Note to Editors” email with the information. In some instances, the Mint releases the sales information as soon as it is available, without a request being made, anticipating that requests are no doubt coming.

If a sellout in a coin program is imminent, Coin World will seek additional updates for immediate online posting to our website,

For example, Coin World reached out to the Mint for daily sales figures for the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coin program as the gold $5 half eagle and silver dollar quickly approached maximum sales levels. 

On its website at, the Mint provides links to sales and production figures.

Frequency of the posting of the information can vary depending on the program and could be daily, weekly, monthly or even annually.

Commemorative coin sales are posted weekly, but final sales totals are not released until a program is closed and audited.

The Monthly Edition of Coin World, dated the first Monday of each month, includes the online sales information in chart form by program and product, using the Mint’s posted sales information as of the date given in the chart’s key.

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