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Proof 2024-W American Eagle gold coins on sale in May

The U.S. Mint is offering Proof 2024-W American Eagle gold coins in five options, including tenth-ounce coin shown.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Collectors will be able to begin placing orders May 2 with the U.S. Mint for five limited-edition numismatic products containing Proof 2024-W American Eagle gold coins.

The coins will be struck at the West Point Mint on Proof polished planchets composed of a homogeneous alloy of 91.67% gold, 5.33% copper and 3% silver and bear the W Mint mark on their obverse within the sun’s rays below the date.

The coins will be offered in the following options:
➤ Single 1-ounce gold $50 face value coin, maximum release of 9,500 coins (same as 2023).
➤ Single half-ounce gold $25, maximum single coin release of 5,000 coins (up from 3,000 coins in 2023). The 1-ounce coins exhibit an anti-counterfeiting edge notch interrupting the reeding at the 9 o’clock position, as viewed from the obverse. The device was first introduced with the  coin’s June 2021 redesign and is relocated at various edge positions on each subsequent annual issue.
➤ Single quarter-ounce  gold $10 coin, maximum release of 8,000 individual coins (up from 6,000 coins in 2023).
➤ Single tenth-ounce, $5 face value coin, maximum release of 18,000 individual coins (same as 2023).
➤ Four-coin set, containing one coin of each size, maximum issue of 10,000 sets (down from 13,000 sets in 2023).

The U.S. Mint put the 2023 Proof American Eagle gold coins on sale March 30, 2023. As of the U.S. Mint’s March 24, 2024, report, sales for the 2023-W Proof gold coins total 6,472 of the 1-ounce gold coins; 2,011 half-ounce coins; 4,490 quarter-ounce coins: 13,419 tenth-ounce coins; and 9,976 four-coin sets.

Pricing for the Proof 2024-W American Eagle gold coins will be announced closer to the issue date, and will likely be considerably higher than the initial prices for the 2023-W coins, because of the meteoric rise in the spot price of gold.

The closing spot price for gold per troy ounce March 27 from the London Bullion Market Association reached a record $2,214.35.

Pricing for gold coins is subject to weekly adjustments based on a Mint matrix tracking volatility in the spot price of gold.

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