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Proof 2017-W American Eagle silver $1 on sale soon

Customers will be able to place orders with the U.S. Mint beginning at noon ET March 23 for the Proof 2017-W American Eagle silver dollar.

The numismatic product is priced at $53.95 each, with no product limit or household order restriction.

The Proof 1-ounce .999 fine silver coin will see a return of the pre-2016 reeded edge applied with a close collar die. The close collar, bearing the reeded edge design, rises from the platform and surrounds the obverse hammer and reverse anvil dies during the striking process, acting to contain the flow of the metal in the planchet and apply the reeding as the planchet is struck.

By law, the Proof 2016-W American Eagle silver dollar forsook its edge reeding for one year to instead bear an inscription marking the 30th anniversary of the American Eagle silver coin series. The Uncirculated 2016-W American Eagle silver dollar was also mandated to carry the 30th anniversary edge inscription.

The incuse 30TH ANNIVERSARY was imparted by one segment of a three-piece collar. On both the Proof and Uncirculated 2016-W coins, the inscription was oriented right side up at the 6 o'clock position, relative to the obverse. The other two sections of the three-piece collar had a smooth finish. Use of three segments allowed them to separate and avoid destroying the just impressed edge inscription as the coin was ejected from the striking chamber.

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