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Private minter offers 1955 DDO cent copy

The 1955 Lincoln, Doubled-Die Obverse cent retains a lofty position in the world of errors and varieties to this day. The genuine coin has sold for as high as $24,000 in auction.

For those who can’t compete for a real example, the Grove Minting Co. has developed a replica that the firm says offers the visual delight of the real thing without the price of the rarity.

To make them, the company sourced normal, original Mint State 1955 Lincoln cents minted at the Philadelphia Mint and overstruck them with the new designs.

To differentiate the Grove Minting Co. product from the Mint doubled die error, the Grove reverse is fully overstruck with the company’s signature imagery. While the reverse retains the classic Wheat Ears design found on Lincoln cents from 1909 to 1958, it lacks the statutory inscriptions of the original coins. On the Grove product, the date 2021 is expressed in Roman numerals as MMXXI on the reverse.

According to Grove Minting, the production method essentially takes the souvenir category in exonumia, similar to elongated coins, to a new dimension.

They are available at the company’s website,

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