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Pricing set for two Breast Cancer commems

The U.S. Mint has released pricing for two of the three Breast Cancer Awareness commemorative coins set to go on sale March 15.

The Jan. 30 Federal Register published prices for the Proof and Uncirculated versions of the silver dollar and copper-nickel clad half dollar.

Pricing for the pink gold $5 coins is not expected to be released until the week the coins go on sale.

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For a 30-day introductory period from the initiation of sales, the silver dollar in the Proof version will be offered at $51.95 and in Uncirculated at $48.95. The regular issue prices add $5 to the price of each version.

Introductory pricing for the copper-nickel clad half dollar is set at $27.95 for the Proof coin and $25.95 for the Uncirculated version, with regular issue prices $5 higher for each version.

While gold $5 commemoratives are traditionally composed of 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper, the pink gold coins with be made of 85 percent gold, 14.8 percent copper and 0.2 percent zinc. The pink gold coins are to retain the same diameter of .900 fine gold coins at 0.85 inch, or 21.59 millimeters, and the same thickness at 1.75 millimeters, but will be 5.6 percent lighter at 6.741 grams.

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Some collectors expect the pricing for the pink gold coins to be lower than it would be for 90 percent gold coins, because of the lower gold content.

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