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Presidential dollars receive special handling

This is the fourth part of a feature story about finishes used on U.S. coins, which first appeared in the June 6, 2016, Monthly issue of Coin World:

Perhaps no issue of Reverse Proof U.S. coins generated more interest than the four limited-edition Presidential Coin and Chronicles sets in 2015 that included Reverse Proof 2015-P Presidential dollars depicting, respectively, Presidents Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

The sets, offered at $57.95 each, also included a silver version of the U.S. Mint presidential medal (originally issued in bronze by the bureau during the chief executive’s service) and a U.S. postage stamp issued after their passing.

All of the sets sold out, with the following maximum mintages: Truman and Eisenhower, 17,000 each; Kennedy, 50,000; and Johnson, 25,000.

Successful recently completed eBay auctions have had a wide range of closing prices. For example, one Kennedy set graded NGC Early Releases Proof 69 for the Reverse Proof coin and MS-69 for the silver medal sold for $129, while another set with the same grades assigned realized only $61, just a few dollars above the issue price.

A single NGC Proof 70 Early Releases Reverse Proof 2015-P Kennedy Presidential dollar realized $450.

Among the other Reverse Proof issues the U.S. Mint has issued are:

??2006-W American Buffalo gold $50 coin.

??2011-P American Eagle silver dollar, included exclusively in the five-coin American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver set, 100,000 product limit, $299.95 per set, sellout.

Two recent eBay sales, one realizing $588.95 and the other $700, were recorded for intact sets in Mint packaging.

One completed auction for a 25th Anniversary set realized $1,219 with all the coins being certified as First Strikes by PCGS under its Signature Series, and with each grading label signed by John Mercanti, 12th chief engraver of the U.S. Mint and designer and engraver of the reverse of the American Eagle silver dollar.

The coins in the set graded MS-70 for the Burnished Uncirculated 2011-W coin, MS-70 for the 2011 bullion strike, MS-70 for the Burnished Uncirculated 2011-S coin, Proof 70 for the 2011-P Reverse Proof coin, and Proof 70 Deep Cameo for the 2011-W Reverse Proof coin.

??2012-S American Eagle silver dollar, exclusive to two-coin 2012 San Francisco American Eagle 75th Anniversary Proof set, also with Cameo Proof 2012-S American Eagle silver dollar, offered at $149.95 per set. During a limited four-week window, 224,911 sets were recorded sold.

One recent eBay sale of one of these sets realized $112.50, with the Cameo Proof coin graded PCGS First Strike Proof 69 Deep Cameo and the Reverse Proof graded First Strike Proof 69. Five other sales were recorded at $135 each, with one set in Mint packaging and the other four each with the coins graded NGC Proof 69 Ultra Cameo for the Cameo Proof coin and Proof 69 for the Reverse Proof.

??2013-W American Buffalo gold $50 coin.

??2013-W American Eagle silver dollar, included in the two-coin West Point Mint 75th Anniversary Silver American Eagle set, 234,504 sets sold at $139.95 each during the special ordering period.

One eBay completed auction realized $180.99 for the coins graded NGC Proof 70 for the Reverse Proof coin and Specimen 70 Enhanced Finish for the Enhanced Uncirculated coin. Another eBay auction realized $90 for a set still in its original Mint packaging.

??2014-W Kennedy half dollar, included in the four-coin Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary Silver set, $99.95 per set, one coin each from the U.S. Mint production facilities at Philadelphia (Cameo Proof), Denver (Uncirculated), West Point (Reverse Proof) and San Francisco (Enhanced Uncirculated). As of April 3, 2016, sales totaled 221,134 sets.

Recently completed eBay auctions ranged from $72 to $115 for complete sets in Mint packaging.

??And a Reverse Proof 2015-P Roosevelt dime, exclusive to the three-coin 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver set, mintage of 75,000. The set sold for $61.95, and was recorded as sold out. Also included in the set is a Cameo Proof 2015-W Roosevelt silver dime and the Cameo Proof 2015-W March of dimes silver dollar.

Closing prices on several eBay auctions for intact sets in Mint packaging ranged from $75 to $90 each.

One certified set sold for $109.95 where the coins were graded NGC Early Releases as Proof 69 Ultra Cameo for the Cameo Proof dime and the Proof March of Dimes dollar, and Proof 69 for the Reverse Proof dime.

With Reverse Proof coins that were sold exclusively in sets, collectors are more likely to encounter individual examples of the coins graded and encapsulated by third-party grading services than in an intact set.

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