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Portico looks back at a once-thriving collector community

In the latest issue of The Portico, the official publication of the Jefferson Full Step Nickel Club, Matt Michnovicz takes a look back to the early 1980s and the vibrancy then of the full-step Jefferson 5-cent coin collecting community.

He examines the early days of the PAK Jefferson Full Step Nickel Club, reporting tidbits from several of the club’s 1983 newsletters. Many of those early newsletters featured information on Jefferson 5-cent coin die varieties and prices for full step examples of the 5-cent coin (“full steps” referring to coins with well-struck steps on the representation of Monticello on the reverse).

FSNC President Dave Andreas reports on the struggling finances for the current club and avenues to increase the treasury. Most of the revenue from membership dues is used to pay for the printing and mailing of the club journals.

Annual dues cost $25 for regular membership and $12 for junior members. Dues should be remitted to the club’s president, Dave Andreas, F.S.N.C., P.O. Box 571583, Salt Lake City, UT 84157. ¦

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