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Philadelphia Mint sets single day production record

The Coining Division at the Philadelphia Mint set a new record on July 24, with 42.44 million coins delivered in one day for circulation, surpassing the old record of 38.28 million coins established in October 2013.

While production of 30 million coins per day is not uncommon at the Philadelphia Mint, producing more than 40 million in one day is an amazing accomplishment, according to U.S. Mint officials, since every employee, department, machine, part, die, tool, and blank has to be perfect and perform flawlessly.

“Beating the old record by over four million coins with the same number of presses was a tremendous achievement,” said Joe Falls, Coining Division Manager. “There were many key factors — first and foremost was the dedication and hard work of our employees. But we also had outstanding die life, great blanks from BAU [Burnishing, Annealing, Upsetting unit] and near-perfect press availability.”

The 42.44 million coins produced July 24 breaks down to:

Cents: 21.2 million
5-cent coins: 5.04 million
Dimes: 9 million
Great Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado) quarter dollars: 7.2 million 

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