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Over $15 Million Sold in Heritage New York Auctions

Auctions of Judaean coins and US coins combined to raise over $15 million in events held in New York City March 8-11. Led by a trio of historic Judaean coins that combined for nearly $3 million, the auction of The Shoshana Collection of Ancient Judaean Coins, offered by Heritage Auctions in a special event, brought in nearly $7.7 million, with an auction of US coinscontributing another $7.6 million to the weekend's total.

The trio of rare and important coins from The Shoshana Collectionconsisted of the first silver shekel struck in Jerusalem by Jewish forcesrebelling against Roman oppression in the first century AD, one of only two specimens known, which brought a world record price for any ancient Judaean coin of $1,105,375; an incredibly rare gold aureus of Titus as Caesar (69-79 AD), struck at an Eastern mint in 69 AD, likely Tyre, anticipating the subjugation of Judaea, which the Romans achieved with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, which realized $956,000 and one of only two known surviving silver quarter-shekels of Year 1 (May 66-March 67 AD), which brought $896,250.

The Shoshana Collectionwas assembled over the course of four decades by an American collector and is the greatest assembly of ancient coins related to the foundation of ancient Israel ever offered, spanning more than 11 centuries.

Although the US coin auctiondid not contain any seven-figure coins, results from this auction were impressive as well. The Garrett specimen of the famous Jefferson Head 1795 Cent, graded VF25 by PCGS, sold for an impressive $184,000, while an MS63 example of the key 1916 Doubled Die Obverse nickelrealized $103,628.

Upcoming Signature Auctions at Heritage include the Central States auctions for both US coinsand currency, as well as the CICF auction of World and Ancient Coins. These auctions are scheduled for April in the Chicago area, with bidding scheduled to open soon through

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