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Officials confirm that eBay is not ending sales of coins

Auction site eBay has not eliminated coins and numismatic memorabilia from items that sellers can offer for sale over the online platform.

Image courtesy of eBay.

Confusion over whether eBay was eliminating sales of coins and other numismatic items for sale at its online selling platform is cleared up by company officials.

Steve Halupka, eBay’s manager for emerging verticals, which includes bullion, coins, sports memorabilia and stamps, released the following statement after Coin World inquired about collector confusion and misinformation found in online discussions on collector forums. The concern and rumors derived from ongoing changes to managed payment systems at eBay.

The official statement said, “eBay will continue to allow sales of coins, paper money and bullion now and in the future.”

Further, “eBay sellers that frequently list in coins, paper money and bullion will not be required to register for managed payments until these categories are compatible. Until then, there is no action required and sellers can continue to sell on eBay as they do today.”

Online discussions on collector message boards, including Collectors Universe’s U.S. Coin Forum, questioned why eBay for 2021 was removing coins from the categories of items to be available for sale.

Professional Coin Grading Service President Brett Charville posted this message May 25 as part of the discussion thread:

“Last week I reached out directly to the Coin division head at eBay and he was emphatic that eBay will continue to sell coins for years to come and that the thread regarding their change in payment policies misinterprets their guidance on the matter.”

Brian Burke from eBay’s Community Team posted answers on the eBay discussion forum to the most frequently asked questions about managed payments.

The thread can be accessed at

The Collectors Universe discussion thread on the eBay topic is now closed.

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