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None finer for top-grade 1973 Eisenhower dollar

A number of high-grade pieces sold at auction when GreatCollections offered the “I Like Ikes” Professional Coin Grading Service Registry Set of Eisenhower Dollars on Sept. 30. 

The 1973 Eisenhower dollar saw a mintage of just over 2 million coins. PCGS has certified more than 1,500 in MS-65 and 142 in MS-66.

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Eight MS-66+ representatives are tied for the finest graded at PCGS with none graded finer at that service. This is perhaps surprising, because the 1973 clad Eisenhower dollars were sold only in Mint sets and none were released for circulation. As such, one would expect that survivors would be readily available in top grades, but this is not the case. 

After large productions in 1971 and 1972, the supply of circulation strikes was sufficient to meet demand and examples of 1973 “Ike” dollars were only available in 1973 Uncirculated Coin sets, which contained two soft plastic packs containing a Lincoln cent, Jefferson 5-cent piece, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter dollar and Kennedy half dollar from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, along with the Philadelphia and Denver Mint Eisenhower dollars. 

The nicely toned 1973 PCGS MS-66+ dollar, with gentle rings of gold and icy blue toning at the rims, brought $4,893.75 on Sept. 30. 

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