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New version of ANS Archer M. Huntington Medal created

The American Numismatic Society commissioned sculptor Eugene Daub to create a new version of its Archer M. Huntington Medal Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship.

Images courtesy of the American Numismatic Society.

For an updated award medal, the American Numismatic Society turned to the recipient of one of its own art medals.

The ANS announced June 1 that the Archer M. Huntington Medal Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship will feature a new medal designed by Eugene L. Daub.

The Huntington Award is conferred annually in honor of the late Archer M. Huntington, benefactor and president of the ANS from 1905 to 1910. The original medal was designed by Emil Fuchs, and commemorated Huntington’s gift of a building to the society that coincided with the society’s 50th anniversary in 1908. The award was first presented to Edward T. Newell in 1918, and silver medals have been awarded to recipients up until 2021.

In 2022, as stocks of the original medal were exhausted, the ANS commissioned a new piece from Daub for future recipients. An accomplished sculptor, Daub received the 1991 J. Sanford Saltus Medal Award, which ANS awards to sculptors.

Daub’s work is found in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the British Museum, the Ellis Island Museum, and others, and in many public-sculpture installations.

His obverse design for the Huntington Award features an open book symbolizing scholarship, while overlapping circular outlines represent several coins on the reverse.

The ANS on June 1 announced that Dr. Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert is the recipient of the 2022 Huntington Award. Dr. Fischer-Bossert will be the first to receive the new medal created by Daub, in a ceremony scheduled for July 11.

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