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New show for New York City

A new show is coming to New York City in October.

The Professional Numismatists Guild’s first PNG New York Invitational is set for Oct. 9 to 11 at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in Times Square. The show is to be an annual event.

There will be an admission charge of $10, but a coupon for $5 off is available at the PNG’s website.

The show will also host New York’s first display of more than 50 gold coins from the Saddle Ridge Hoard treasure that made headlines earlier this year. 

Auctions by Stack’s Bowers Galleries and Heritage Auctions will offer thousands of lots immediately before, during and after the show, including several oddities.

A 1776-1976-D Washington quarter dollar with the famed Bicentennial drummer reverse is unusual because it is struck on a planchet intended for a cent. Graded Mint State 61 red, it will be offered in an Oct. 9 Heritage auction at the show. 

Among the unique objects offered in the New York auctions is an undated white metal splasher for a pattern Liberty quarter eagle from 1857. The design is similar to that used on the copper-nickel 3-cent piece. This white metal splasher, graded MS-65 — the only one known for the variety — will be offered in an Oct. 10 Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction. 

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