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New firm to offer Western Americana collectibles

A new firm has been formed in Reno, Nev., to offer Western Americana collectibles priced at $500 or below.

Holabird Western Americana Collections will be under the direction of Andy Morehead, who has explored and researched Western Americana for many years. Fred Holabird of Holabird-Kagin Americana said he is hoping the new company “will bring back the fun in collecting for many American collectors.”

The new company will provide “all of the missing ingredients in today’s collecting market — a plethora of rare and unique items all priced under $500,” Holabird said.

“With many of the larger companies requiring minimum lot requirements of $500, and in some cases $2000, a huge percentage of collectors are left out,” Holabird said. “So at Holabird-Kagin Americana, we agreed with a group of energetic entrepreneurs to handle all of our material that is under ... $500 per lot. This means that a virtual warehouse of material will come into the marketplace slowly in auction format — a win-win for collectors everywhere.”

Holabird said his “name is in the title of the company to help attract collector attention. My involvement is as an advisor and auctioneer.” Holabird said he and Holabird-Kagin Americana will continue to offer “the finest and rarest Western Americana.”

The catalogs produced by the new firm will be printed in black and white and sent free to anyone who contacts the office and requests one. Bidding will take place via live Internet bidding, as well as by telephone, mail or in-person at auctions held at the company’s office on weekends.

Holabird said the firm will offer items from almost every collecting category: Utah and Nevada drugstore bottles, important western mining stocks, Western documents and photographs, trade tokens, Morgan dollars, railroadiana, mining artifacts and more.

For more information, contact Holabird Western Americana Collections, 5635 Riggins Court, Suite 15, Reno, NV 89502. Collectors can also email Morehead at or telephone the firm at 775-825-1624, or visit the firm’s website at ¦

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