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Coin Discovery set aims to introduce new collectors to hobby

Intended as an introduction to coin collecting, a three-coin United States Mint Coin Discovery Set, to be offered in December by the U.S. Mint, is a brand new offering in 2014.

The set comprises three copper-nickel clad Kennedy half dollars in three different finishes from three Mints — Proof from San Francisco Mint with the S Mint mark, Uncirculated Mint set quality with the P Mint mark from the Philadelphia Mint, and circulation quality with the D Mint mark from the Denver Mint.

The set, to be offered at $24.95, also includes an educational booklet about the coin production process, coin tubes, a magnifying glass, and cotton gloves. The box that contains the set can be used as a storage box for United States Mint lens sets as a collection grows.

"Lens sets" are annual multicoin sets housed in one or more plastic encapsulations, such as Proof sets.

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