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New digital publication available to all at no cost

Coin World Next, a new weekly digital publication brought to you by Coin World, debuted on Jan. 3.

“Coin World Next is a highly interactive weekly digital publication devoted to introducing content that will be fun, educational and interactive,” said Steve Collins, Amos Hobby Publishing vice president of operations. “Our goal is to cultivate growth and engagement to a larger audience and be an advocate in the expansion of the numismatic hobby.”

Coin World Next is a digital publication at Readers click on the Coin World Next button on the home page or go directly to the website at

This weekly digital-only publication is available at no cost to all who visit the Coin World website.

Coin World Next is designed to be an interactive and fun way to learn about different aspects of collecting coins.

This exciting new resource for coin collectors will include feature articles by Coin World staff focusing on investments, grading, modern coins and in-depth features.

Some of the first features look at the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park quarter dollar from the America the Beautiful series, collecting Barber dimes, grading Classic Head gold half eagles and investing in gold.

“Coin World Next is one of the ways that Coin World is addressing a frequently asked question: how can new people get introduced to the hobby of coin collecting,” Steve Roach, Coin World’s editor, added. “We’re trying to combine interactivity with an investment angle in this product that’s designed to appeal to a wide range of people and show them how coin collecting can be a profitable lifetime hobby.”

Jay Bigalke will serve as the coordinator of Coin World Next.

Bigalke, senior editor-digital media, is a lifelong stamp collector who joined Amos Press as associate editor of Linn’s Stamp News in 2005. He joined Coin World in 2012 where he applies a skill set honed from nearly two decades of collecting and seven years of writing about the stamp world to translate the jargon of numismatics to a more relatable level for digital audiences.

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