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New book chronicles collecting coins from shipwrecks

“Treasure!” chronicles the author’s venture into collecting shipwreck coins.

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Treasure! by collector and physician Dr. Peter Jones chronicles the author’s foray into collecting coins salvaged from shipwrecks.

In his latest work, Jones takes readers on a numismatic odyssey in the hardcover tome’s 398 pages that are profusely illustrated with images of 88 coins and medals.

In the book’s foreword, noted treasure wreck coin expert Daniel Sedwick writes, “The concept of collecting coins from shipwrecks is relatively new, practically unheard of before the 1960s, when metal detectors and scuba diving began to make shipwreck salvage commercially viable.

“Since that time, coins that were previously considered melt-value items have taken on new lives as historical objects, tangible relics from maritime tragedies related to storms, war, piracy or navigational error (and combinations thereof). What better way to appreciate history than to hold in your own hands actual objects that were there firsthand?”

Jones describes his collecting journey through the shipwrecks of several centuries and nationalities around the world.

Jones collected the coins and histories of each and spent countless hours researching and writing about the journeys that brought each coin to him.

The book is available for $99 through For $20 off, enter TWENTYOFF at checkout.

Jones also authored The First Coins of the Americas; The First Medals of America: Comitia Americana and Associated Medals; and Colonial History in Your Hands.

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