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200-year-old Baltimore time capsule to be displayed publicly

The cornerstone used as a time capsule was excavated in February and will be on display April 12 before being reinstalled later this month.

Image courtesy of Mount Vernon Place Conservancy

A centuries-old time capsule found at the Washington Monument in Baltimore this winter will be displayed April 12, according to the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy.

"The 200-year-old cornerstone and its exterior lid will be on display along with several new items that will be placed within the well of the cornerstone, including a 3-D printed likeness of George Washington," a release from the conservancy distributed on April 10 reads.

The cornerstone was excavated in February and while it is believed to contain coins, an itemized list of its contents has not been released. 

READ: 200-year-old Baltimore time capsule believed to contain coins

Sunday's event will take place outside the Washington Monument, which is located at 699 N. Charles St. in Baltimore. The viewing will run from 4:30 p.m. ET to 6:30 p.m. ET.

Cathy Rosenbaum of the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy said the cornerstone will be put back in place later in April.

What will be done with the items that were inside the cornerstone, including any coins?

"The conservators are currently assessing the contents of the original cornerstone, and will be ready to reveal them in late May," Rosenbaum said. 

Two time capsules were found at the Washington Monument in the last six months. Another from 1915 was found in October and is set to be opened in May. Rosenbaum said that 1915 time capsule is also believed to contain coins.

"A press conference revealing the contents of both time capsules will be held, as well as a public presentation about both time capsules." Rosenbaum said. "In fact, the 100-year-old contents of the original time capsule will be revealed in real time during this press conference. The plan is to have contents from both on display beginning July 4 at the Maryland Historical Society."

Joe O'Donnell contributed to this report.

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