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More politicals from Scott Dolson collection

The final 239 lots from the Scott W. Dolson Collection of political collectibles will be offered online Feb. 18 in an internet-only sale by Heritage Auctions.

Heritage offered the first part of Dolson’s extensive collection Dec. 3, 2016. The Feb. 18 offering comprises 19th and very early 20th century vintage political items, most from presidential campaigns.

A buyer’s fee of 25 percent will be added to the closing price of each lot won.

Each of the token lots is cataloged according to attributions in J. Doyle DeWitt’s 1959 reference, A Century of Campaign Buttons 1789-1889.

Abraham Lincoln

Among the items in the sale is a 27-millimeter, gilt brass Abraham Lincoln token from the 1860 presidential campaign. The token is attributed as AL-1860-51, 27 millimeters, gilt brass. The dies were cut by Robert Lovett from Philadelphia. R L PHILA appears below and left of the truncation of Lincoln's portrait.

The reverse is inscribed around with PROTECTION TO AMERICAN INDUSTRY followed by a star, enclosing within a circle 32 stars and a wreath of corn, within which is inscribed FREE / HOMES / FOR / FREE MEN.

Anti-Jefferson Davis lantern slide

A 7- by 4-inch anti-Jefferson Davis wooden glass slide shows the Confederate president on the gallows platform about to be hung, a scene copied from a Currier & Ives cartoon, with paper label on edge reading: “78. Jeff Davis on the Right Platform (Comic).”

Davis is depicted standing atop the drop door which reads SECESSION TRAP. Text in the Davis speech bubble reads “O dear! O dear! I don’t want to secede this way — ‘I want to be let alone.’ ” Supporters and detractors surround the base of the gallows. 

The slide’s wooden frame is split.

According to the University of South Florida Libraries, “The lantern slide has its origins in 17th century optical viewing devices which came to be known as ‘magic lanterns.’ ”

Grover Cleveland

Included in the political collectibles featuring Grover Cleveland is item GC-1888-65, a 1.5-inch tin shell badge with paper on which are portraits of Grover and Frances Cleveland beneath an eagle within a star-studded border. The catalog notes it is much scarcer than the single portraits in the series. 

Grover Cleveland is also featured on the obverse of a perpetual calendar token, GC-1884-7. His 1884 running mate, Thomas A. Hendricks, is depicted on the reverse. The 29-millimeter token is struck in nickel.

Benjamin Harrison

From the 26th presidential election in 1888 is offered a mechanical chair pinback badge containing an image of Benjamin Harrison, grandson of President William Henry Harrison.

The 40-millimeter by 26-millimeter silvered brass badge. attributed as BH-1888-177, is inscribed on the presidential chair cushion with WHO SHALL OCCUPY IT. When the mechanism is tripped the seat raises to reveal the candidate’s face. Similar pinbacks were issued for a number of presidential candidates in the late 19th century.

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