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More 2021-W American Eagle gold bullion errors selling in auctions

The highest price paid for an example of the mule error of the 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 quarter-ounce $10 coin struck with an unfinished Proof obverse die bearing the West Point Mint’s W Mint mark is $15,811.88, in a Nov. 7 GreatCollections online auction.

Image courtesy of GreatCollections.

Online auctions Nov. 14 by GreatCollections offering six more of the 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 quarter-ounce gold $10 coins struck in error with an unfinished Proof obverse die generated significant bidding.

The coins qualify as a mule error type — a coin that is struck from coin dies not intended to be paired together. American Eagle bullion coins should not bear the W Mint mark of the West Point Mint where the coins are struck. Proof and Uncirculated American Eagle gold coins bear the W Mint mark within the sun’s rays below the date on the obverse, as do the error coins.

The errors were struck on bullion planchets during bullion coin production, when an unfinished Proof obverse die was inadvertently employed. Standard Proof strikes exhibit the Mint mark and laser frosted raised devices against mirrored fields, not the Uncirculated finish expected of bullion coins.

The Nov. 14-auctioned pieces, their prices realized and bidder activity follow:
➤ Professional Coin Grading Service Mint State 69, $6,042.38; 21 bids placed by nine unique bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-69, $6,187.50; 15 bids from five bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-70, $14,625; 47 bids from 11 bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-69, $6,468.75; 12 bids from five bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-69, $6,468.75; 18 bids from eight bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-69, $6,468.75; 17 bids from six bidders.

Prices realized and bidding activity in the five individual auctions that closed Nov. 7 were:
➤ PCGS MS-69, $6,201; 52 bids placed by 13 bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-69, $6,468.75; 37 bids placed by 13 bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-70, $15,811.88, the highest price paid for any example so far; 59 bids from 14 bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-69, $7,903.70; 34 bids from 16 bidders.
➤ PCGS MS-70, $15,193.12; 55 bids from 18 bidders.

Auctions for another 13 examples of the mule error were scheduled to close Nov. 21 — five PCGS MS-70 examples and eight PCGS MS-69 coins.

Another 13 are in auctions closing Nov. 28 — with six PCGS MS-69 and seven PCGS MS-70 examples.

On Dec. 2, four more GreatCollections auctions will close for the error — two PCGS MS-69 coins and two pieces graded PCGS MS-70.

The mule error was first identified among bullion coins obtained from multiple sources by numismatist Gerald Medel from Lakeside Coins in San Diego, California, working with fellow numismatist Todd Pollock from BluCC Photos in Sacramento, California.

Additional coins have been identified by different numismatists.

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