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More 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars enter market

It appears that hundreds, if not thousands, of the five Matte Finish 2021 Morgan silver dollars and single 2021 Peace dollar are being resold through a number of online numismatic sales outlets, with secondary market prices significantly higher than the U.S. Mint’s $85 per coin issue price.

Shipping from the Mint’s contracted order fulfillment center in Memphis, Tennessee, began Oct. 18, and as collectors, dealers and speculators began receiving the coins they’d ordered during frenzied online sales, the listings on eBay began increasing with Buy It Now options and auctions with specific time limits.

The first flood of listings were predominantly single coins in their original Mint packaging at triple the issue price or higher, and some were options for sets offering examples of all six coins.

Online offerings are now encompassing those 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars that have been graded and encapsulated by independent third-party grading services. Sales listing such certified examples began closing the first week of November.

The certified coins are bringing additional premiums, depending on the grading service and the grading label or insert encapsulated with each coin.

The five 2021 Morgan dollars and single 2021 Peace dollar are products of a program legislated by Congress to recognize the centennial anniversary of the transition of U.S. Mint coin production from the Morgan dollar to the Peace dollar designs.

The Morgan dollars include coins representing Mint facilities that are no longer active. One issue bears a CC privy mark remembering the Carson City Mint in Nevada, which ceased coinage production in 1893. Another Morgan dollar exhibits an O privy mark for the New Orleans Mint in Louisiana, which ended coinage output in 1909.

The two privy-marked Morgan dollars, as well as a 2021 Morgan dollar without a Mint mark, were struck at the Philadelphia Mint along with the Peace dollar, which also appears without Mint mark.

Also offered was a 2021-D Morgan dollar struck at the Denver Mint and a 2021-S Morgan dollar struck at the San Francisco Mint.

The coins represent all five facilities that struck the original Morgan dollars.

Each of the 2021 Morgan dollars had a maximum issue of 175,000 coins, while the Peace dollar had a maximum release of 200,000 coins.

Up to 10% of the total issue of each option was reserved for combined sale to the U.S. Mint’s 18 Authorized Bulk Purchase Program dealers the week before public sales began.

Participating ABPP dealers could acquire their allocation at $85 per coin plus a 5% premium and pick up the coins at the U.S. Mint’s contracted order fulfillment center in Memphis, Tennessee.

2021-CC Morgan dollars

Completed eBay sales that closed Nov. 4 included examples of the CC privy mark 2021 Morgan dollar, in original Mint packaging, selling individually for $179, $169.66 and $164.37. Certified examples sold Nov. 3 included a Numismatic Guaranty Company Mint State 70 piece with First Releases grading insert that sold at $369; another NGC MS-70 coin, but with Early Releases insert, that sold also at $369; and an NGC MS-70 coin with First Day of Issue insert that sold for $449.

2021-O Morgan dollars

Nov. 3 completed eBay sales included an NGC MS-70 2021 coin with O privy mark in a lot with an NGC MS-70 CC privy marked example that sold together for $589; a 2021 O privy-marked coin in its unopened postal delivery box for $140.50; and a Professional Coin Grading Service MS-70 First Strike encapsulation for $319.99. A sale closed Nov. 2 for an NGC MS-70 First Releases encapsulated O privy-marked coin at $369.

2021-(P) Morgan dollars

A price of $300 was recorded in a Nov. 2 eBay sale of one lot comprising three 2021 Morgan dollars in original Mint packaging. A Nov. 4 sale closed at $119 for a single dollar in original packaging. In Nov. 3 sales, three 2021 Morgan dollars and three 2021 Peace dollars, all in original Mint packaging, were sold together for $665; an NGC MS-69 First Release Morgan dollar sold for $138.50; and an NGC MS-70 First Release Morgan dollar realized $234.50.

2021-D Morgan dollars

Examples of completed eBay sales of the 2021-D Morgan dollar include a Nov. 3 sale that realized $108.50 for one in original Mint packaging; a Nov. 3 sale closing at $500 for a PCGS MS-70 example with First Day Issue Flag label; a Nov. 3 sale at $202.59 for an NGC MS-69 First Release example; and a Nov. 2 sale at $379.95 for a PCGS MS-70 coin.

2021-S Morgan dollars

Completed sales Nov. 3 for 2021-S Morgan dollars included coins offered in original Mint packaging that sold individually for $136, $139.50 and $148.65; a PCGS MS-70 First Strike 100th Anniversary labeled coin that sold for $349.99; and an NGC MS-70 First Release coin at $368.95.

2021 Peace dollars

Completed eBay Nov. 3 sales of 2021 Peace dollars include coins in original Mint packaging selling individually for $127.50, $133.50, $124.99 and $131.99; and individual NGC MS-70 First Release and Early Release labeled coins selling respectively at $315 and $316.88.

Six-piece set options

Completed eBay sales closing on Nov. 3 for six-piece certified sets, containing one of each of the six issues, included a set of PCGS MS-70 First Day of Issue labeled slabs at $1,945; a set of PCGS MS-70 First Day of Issue 35th Anniversary Green Label encapsulations at $1,775; a PCGS MS-70 First Day of Issue labeled set at $1,925; and a PCGS MS-70 First Day of Issue labeled set at $2,195. 

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