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Monday Morning Brief for Sept. 23, 2019: 60th anniversary approaches

Coin World’s first year of publication was in 1960, the same year that Small Date and Large Date Lincoln cents were struck. Shown is a Proof 1960 Lincoln cent struck by a die hubbed with both the Small Date design and the Large Date design.

Date image courtesy of John Wexler; background image from Coin World files.

Next year, Coin World will celebrate its 60th year of existence. We published an eight-page sample issue in March 1960 and Volume 1, Number 1 made its debut with an April 21, 1960, cover date, totaling 24 pages. Since that first official issue, we have published 3,103 additional weekly issues.

Our first year, 1960, was an exciting one for the hobby. A few weeks after we published our first couple of issues, dealers and collectors discovered that both Small Date and Large Date versions of the 1960 and 1960-D Lincoln cents were in circulation. Our original editors and writers kept busy writing about these collectible cents and the marketplace for them.

The publication has certainly changed over the years, morphing from the newsprint issues with grainy black-and-white images of the past to a magazine format with full color images throughout printed on much higher quality paper.

Unchanged, however, is our devotion to reporting the news and providing readers with features and columns devoted to the hobby. Our talented staff and contributing freelancers continue to offer you information we believe that you will find interesting, educational, entertaining and useful. 

As we strive to meet your interests and suggestions, we have continued to introduce new columns in our monthly and weekly issues. In the past year or so, such new columns as “Coin Shop Lottery,” written by Thomas Cohn, and “European Report,” by Sebastian Wieschowski, have made their debut. Thomas is a collector who reports on his inexpensive purchases at his local coin shop; Sebastian is a German collector who writes about the numismatic field in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Newer staff-written columns include “Back to Basics,” “Under the Loupe,” “Type Note of the Month” (U.S. and World), “Photo Finish,” and “Coin Values Spotlight.” All of these join the many longer running columns, including “The Joys of Collecting” by Q. David Bowers, who has written columns (under different titles) from almost Year One.

As 2020 approaches, I am beginning to think about new columns and features, and I would like to hear from readers who have suggestions in that area. 

Do you have an idea for a regular column on a subject not covered by one of our existing columns? Are there facets of the hobby that you think we should write about that we are currently not covering? 

Let me know at my email address. If you think you have the skills to write a regular column or the occasional feature, we can chat about that. If you are not a writer but have a great idea for a column or feature, contact me anyway; we can probably find someone to write about the subject if I think it merits the coverage.

Furthermore, I would like to hear from you about the biggest stories covered every year from 1960 to 2019; I will probably be returning to this idea a little later with more details.

We are looking forward to our 60th year. I hope that you are too.  

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