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Monday Morning Brief for Sept. 10, 2018

The editors at Coin World work hard to dig out stories that matter to collectors, including one about a waffle-canceled copper-plated 5-cent test piece revealed by a dealer in August.

Original images courtesy of Sullivan Numismatics.

Each and every week, the Coin World editorial staff works hard at bringing you the latest news, features and columns to help you enjoy the hobby and understand what is happening in the background.

Our two longtime senior editors, Paul Gilkes (who focuses on covering U.S. coins) and Jeff Starck (whose beat is the world coins arena), work their contacts at the various mints and elsewhere to cover their respective subjects. Both are dedicated journalists with years of experience in overcoming challenges to gather the news in this very specialized field we serve. The level of coverage we provide our readers would be impossible without them.

Accuracy and readability are two key elements of good writing, and Fern Loomis, our copy editor, fact checks and ensures that our writing is polished to the best quality possible. With years of service in the job, Fern has an eye for spotting unpolished text and she refines it to add clarity. I know from personal experience that her copy editing makes my articles and those of our colleagues better than in their original form. (While as fallible humans we still sometimes miss mistakes in our articles that become immediately and painfully obvious when we spot them after an issue goes on the press, I know that we do our best as journalists to get it right.)

Steve Roach, who serves as editor-at-large, began collecting coins as a youth and quickly became known as one of the brightest young numismatists in the country. He writes with a flair for understanding the market and explaining it to our readers in a manner that is highly enjoyable to read.

Starting this week we have a new editorial staff member — Christopher Bulfinch, who joined us on Sept. 4 as associate editor. Chris is a new graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where he served as editor of his college newspaper for a time. Although he is still in his early 20s, he has been collecting coins since the age of 4, so he brings to the staff that very rare combination of numismatic knowledge and journalistic know-how.

During my nearly 42 years on the staff of Coin World, I have had the privilege of serving with many fine journalists and numismatists. Those of us still on the job all want the same thing: to report on the coin community as well as we can, to educate you, to entertain you.

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