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Monday Morning Brief for Oct. 9, 2023: Your comments sought

Do you have an opinion on the designs selected for the 2024 World War II Greatest Generation commemorative coins? Let us know you think of them.

Original images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Reader comments are an important contribution to what we do, whether involving articles appearing in our monthly magazine and weekly newspapers, the various special publications we produce, or our online content.

How do you contribute? Several ways are open to you.

If you want to submit a Letter to the Editor or a Guest Commentary for those two columns, email is the best method for both. We can accept brief Letters to the Editor sent by postal mail if they are typed or written in a clear hand. We generally do not accept Guest Commentaries by postal mail (most of the staff do not work in the Sidney, Ohio, offices).

What is the difference between the two? Simply, length.

The optimum word count for a Guest Commentary is 530 to 550 words. Any submissions with greater word counts will be edited to a smaller size.

A Letter to the Editor should be not much more than a third of that count to smaller. Do not make your letter too small; we rarely publish submissions that are a sentence or two in length.

All submissions should be sent to and not to my personal work email. Editorial Director Larry Jewett and I both get email directed to the joint account, and Larry decides what to select when I am absent (as I was during the last two weeks of September, when I was on vacation) and will be responsible for selecting the content of the Editorial-Opinion pages when I retire at the end of the year.

We reserve the right to edit your comments for grammar, length, style and readability; we will not change your basic message to something else.

One last thing: You must submit your full name for publication as a Guest Commentary or Letter to the Editor; we will not publish submissions anonymously sent or accompanied only by an online nickname.

You can also submit comments to the articles published online, if you have a Disqus account. Use the box at the end of each article to submit your comment.

As with the Letters and Guest Commentary submissions, responses to online articles are curated, with no guarantees that we will actually approve publication of them. As with traditional commentary, we will reject Disqus comments that are libelous, argumentative, incoherent, rude, racist or otherwise unfit for publication. And no swearing!


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