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Monday Morning Brief for July 15, 2019: Coin World Podcast

Coin World associate editor Chris Bulfinch and senior editor Jeff Starck host the weekly Coin World Podcast, available to everyone for free.

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Have you joined the growing number of listeners who have subscribed to the Coin World Podcast, which made its debut during the first week in April? If not, you are missing Coin World’s newest approach at reporting the hobby news and interviewing leaders in the numismatic community. 

Over the years, Coin World, like many successful news publications, has evolved from being a print-only medium to a multi-media brand using many tools to report the news and inform our customers. Our monthly and weekly print issues and digital issues are supported by our website,; our Facebook and Twitter accounts; our YouTube channel,; and now our weekly podcasts.

Our podcasts are hosted by senior editor Jeff Starck and associate editor Chris Bulfinch, and produced by creative supervisor Brian Hertel. 

In their podcasts, Jeff and Chris offer a look at Coin World’s top stories for the week, providing insight into why those stories are important, supplemented by their personal experiences as longtime collectors.

They also interview prominent collectors, dealers, and researchers from the numismatic community, enabling these movers and shakers to share, in their own voices, their insights into their particular niche of the collecting world. Interview guests have included such individuals as Ira Goldberg, discussing assembling the “Tyrant Collection,” a remarkable collection of coins featuring powerful rulers gathered for an unidentified benefactor, and Heidi Wastweet, a talented sculptor with numerous beautiful medals in her portfolio. 

By expanding how we report the news, Coin World gives you different options to meet your individual needs. Our podcasts are great for listening to on your work commute, while our print editions offer a traditional look at the news and analysis. Our YouTube channel features additional interviews, including many with some of the most influential dealers and professional numismatists.

If you aren’t exploring new media, try them. I am confident you will like them. 

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