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Monday Morning Brief for Feb. 4, 2019

The American Numismatic Association is holding elections this year for its president, vice president, and seven governors.

Original image courtesy of American Numismatic Association.

The American Numismatic Association is the largest coin collecting organization in the United States. It holds two conventions annually, including the huge World’s Fair of Money every summer; sponsors a stellar two-week Summer Seminar every year; has a world-class museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado; a fine club journal, The Numismatist; and much more. It also faces challenges that the candidates for its board of governors will also have to face in the coming years.

The ANA is holding elections this year for its president, vice president, and seven governors. As we report in news coverage here, it is time to select the slate of candidates for election to the board. Candidates cannot nominate themselves; they must be nominated by fellow ANA members or ANA-affiliate clubs.

1974-D Kennedy half dollar Inside Coin World: Most fruitful series for die varieties missing in action: The Lincoln cent series is generally the most fruitful for collectors of die varieties like doubled dies and repunched Mint marks, but not this month.

In making nominations, ANA members will consider whether to nominate a dealer/professional numismatist or a collector whose professional credentials lie in unrelated fields. Of the nine sitting members on the ANA Board (elected in 2017), six are professional numismatists with coin businesses. Of the other board members, three are collectors with professional careers in other fields. That same approximate ratio also appeared in the results for the 2015 election.

When an official slate of candidates is announced, Coin World will invite each candidate to submit the following for publication in an issue to be determined later: (1)?Identify what you believe to be the most pressing challenge the ANA currently faces and (2)?Explain what steps you will take to meet that challenge. A strict word count of 350 words will be imposed. All responses will be published in the same issue of a weekly issue of Coin World, probably with a later April or early May cover date.

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