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Monday Morning Brief for Feb 26 2018

This gold $5 half eagle fused, obverse side down, to sediment from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, was recovered from the wreck site of the SS Central America in a 2014 expedition.

Coin World image by Paul Gilkes

Paul Gilkes of our staff spent a few hours at the headquarters of the Professional Coin Grading Service in mid-February, speaking with Robert Evans, the chief scientist and historian of two separate explorations of the wrecksite of the SS Central America.

Evans showed Coin World some of the steps taken to uncover the original appearance of the various gold coins and ingots, and how the silver coins recovered at the wreck site are being treated. I received the same insight nearly two decades ago, in 2000, when Evans was curating the treasure recovered in the 1980s, which you can read about here

In addition to our news coverage and photos, we also have video, linked below.

PCGS also shared with Paul some of the other treasure that will be coming to market soon, including PCGS slabs with small gold granules recovered from the wreck site. The silver dimes, quarter dollars and half dollars recovered — many probably used to pay the crew aboard the ship — are headed to market as well.

In other news surfacing last week, we report on final sales for the World War I silver medals, give you your first look at the Proof 2018-W American Eagle gold coins, and share details on a new small Britannia bullion coin, in platinum.

We have hit “pause” on our Monday Morning Brief videos, but they will return later this year in a new form.

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