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Monday Morning Brief for Feb. 12, 2024: Where's the love?

With only a few exceptions, the dime seems to be the workhorse of circulating coins.

Images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

I will admit I was irritated when the cashier returned my change as six dimes instead of two quarters and a dime. As a collector of state quarters, I was looking forward to two potential additions, and finding the needed coins to complete the collection is getting harder and harder.

However, it did make me stop and think. Does the Roosevelt dime get the respect it deserves? I seldom hear about anyone collecting them. Winged Liberty Head (or Mercury if you will) dimes get plenty of attention. Anything before that will certainly be an attraction. Does anyone talk about the Roosevelt dime, or am I just not paying attention?

Naturally, we hear a lot about the quarters because of the ongoing design changes and programs that keep the coin in today’s news. We hear plenty about the Lincoln cent, the perennial candidate for elimination that always manages to escape the chopping block and keeps getting made by the billions. The dime, meanwhile, circulates in anonymity.

In the last five years, there has not been any type of press release by the U.S. Mint that focused solely on the dime. The mentions throughout the period only mention the dime as part of set offerings.

The cent has had its reverse design altered. The 5-cent coin celebrated a national anniversary with a special program and ended up with a new obverse. The half dollar disappeared and reappeared. The whole time, the dime stayed unchanged, an anonymous soldier in the war to keep circulating coins circulating.

About the only time you hear anything about the dime is when someone thinks they have discovered a “No S” example of a 1975 dime. There were plenty of “No S” coins made…at the Philadelphia Mint. We explained it all three years ago, so don’t be fooled that “1975 Roosevelt Dime No Mint Mark” coins sold on the internet are valuable.

I need something to show that there’s interest in this coin as more than a replacement in change when a cashier runs short of quarters — I can’t even find a Roosevelt dime club out there.

Small coins need love too.

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