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Monday Morning Brief for Dec. 14, 2020: Preparing for a look back

The coronavirus pandemic battered all aspects of society, including the numismatic community with major shows canceled and mints shutting their doors.

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Every December, the editorial staff of Coin World looks back at the year just closing to select what it believes were the top 10 stories in the numismatic community. This year is no exception.

You will read about our selection in the weeks ahead.

Obviously, the pandemic will make the cut. Its effect on the hobby has followed the path of its impact on the broader world. It has not been pretty. Considered separately, the biggest pandemic stories could fill 10 individual slots, but we will probably group them under one headline rather than consider them individually.

But what other stories will make the list? We are still working on compiling that list. In the meantime, we would like to hear from you as to your top stories of 2020.

Retrospectives of this kind afford an opportunity to revisit the good and the bad of the past 12 months. We look at the stories that dominated the headlines for the year, the stories that generated the most excitement (and anger), and the stories that have the potential to leave a lasting effect on the numismatic community.

At Coin World, we have been celebrating our 60th anniversary since April (our first issue was dated in April 1960). One of our celebrations will continue into 2021, and it also needs your contribution.

We are compiling a list of living “influencers” from 1960 to 2020; you will find the list of candidates here. If you have not participated, please do so soon; your votes are critical to the final selection of recipients. Once the public voting is over, we will compile a final list and will publish the results in a special publication early next year after interviewing the “winners.”

It is likely that the current “influencers” survey will be the first of several such projects. If this first one proves popular, we may pursue additional similar recognitions. An obvious idea would be to recognize the most important figures in numismatics historically; our current list requires living interviewees, so ignores many researchers, dealers, collectors and club organizers no longer available. Other ideas are being considered by staff and management.

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