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Monday Morning Brief for Dec. 13, 2021: A columnist retires

Fledgling numismatist Q. David Bowers was photographed in 1959 early in his professional career with a copy of “Early Coins of America” by Sylvester S. Crosby.

Image provided by Q. David Bowers.

All good things come to an end, as the old adage says. Unfortunately, that includes the longest-lived single-author column appearing in Coin World. Q. David Bowers, who has written a weekly column for us for six decades, is retiring his “The Joys of Collecting” as of this issue.

David has written his column under several titles — most notably, “Numismatic Depth Study” and “The Joys of Collecting.”

When he began, he was an up-and-coming dealer in his 20s. Today, at the age of 83, he is one of the senior spokesmen in the hobby, one of the most prolific writers with thousands of articles and dozens of books in his resume, and one of the most respected persons in the hobby.

David writes in his final column: “Having recently turned 83, it is time to reflect on what my focus will be going forward into 2022. While I will never be finished with numismatics, my family and I look forward to a more relaxed schedule, fewer deadlines and commitments, and more time for fun excursions and crossword puzzles. Maybe a game of chess or two.”

It takes real dedication to commit to a weekly column, and to keep it fresh and interesting. David has done that while entertaining and educating multiple generations of collectors and numismatists. We wish him well.
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