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Monday Morning Brief for Dec. 11, 2023: A few farewell words

When the author was a young coin collector and a writer-editor on the staff of his high school newspaper, he never imagined that one day, he would become a professional journalist covering events that including striking ceremonies at places like the Philadelphia Mint.

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This is my final Editorial written as managing editor. Editorial Director Larry Jewett assumes my duties starting with the 2024-dated issues, adding to the managerial responsibilities he has held for some time as we transitioned to my retirement at the end of 2023.

It has been an amazing 47 years, with my dream job. I was in late high school and early college when I began working toward a career in journalism. I developed an aptitude for writing in middle school and my eighth grade English teacher encouraged me. I was already a coin collector at that time (I started collecting when I was about 10 years old, nearly 60 years ago — which seems impossible).

While in middle school, I volunteered to work in the school library. That gave me ample opportunity to search through change paid as late return fines, for coins I needed for my Whitman albums; I rejoiced every time I found a new coin, especially a San Francisco Mint Lincoln cent, and quickly substituted my own change for what I needed.

In high school, I served on the school newspaper, becoming co-editor of the Editorial page in my senior year. I never imagined that some day I would be writing editorials, and features, columns and news articles that would be read by thousands around the globe.

My jobs as writer, reporter, and editor at Coin World afforded me opportunities that would have seemed impossible during my stint on the school paper: covering legislative hearings in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; covering first-strike and program launch events at all four U.S. Mint production plants; getting floor tours of the two Bureau of Engraving and Printing facilities; covering news events in foreign lands; and much, much more.

I got a chance to work with remarkable journalists and numismatists, many of whom I consider friends. They helped teach me about writing a news article and researching an obscure numismatic subject, and how to question a source. My career would not have been as rich and rewarding without their guidance and advice.

I also got opportunities to meet with hundreds of collectors and learn about their collections (so many so proud of their coins).

It has been wonderful.


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