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Monday Morning Brief for April 27, 2020: Mint stops selling? Some staff changes!

The Mint has revealed designs for the silver dollar and silver medal in the Women's Suffrage Centennial program, but the closing of several Mint facilities due to the pandemic means their release date is uncertain.

Original images courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

We are entering a period of time that is unprecedented, in which the United States Mint is offering no new numismatic products because of facility shutdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In many ways, we have returned to the ways of the Mint when I first started collecting in the 1960s. At that time, the Mint offered only an annual Proof set and Uncirculated Coin set, as well as medals that duplicated those issued as early as the 19th century. No bullion coins, no commemorative coins, no “special coins” like the 2009 Ultra High Relief double eagle that is the subject of this week’s “Coin Values Spotlight.” Will this hiatus in sales trigger different buying habits among customers in the future? We will see.

Staffing changes

This week’s “Guest Commentary” is from Larry Jewett, previously editorial director of Amos Media Co.’s former Automotive publications division. He has rejoined Amos Media as an associate editor and digital content editor. He has a long career in specialty journalism in the collectible automobile category, though he is new to numismatic journalism.

As an associate editor he will be assuming general writing and editing duties. As digital content editor, he will be assuming the lion’s share of the work involved in moving print content to our website and updating social media accounts. He will also compile the weekly online “Week’s Most Read,” which I have been writing.

Also, longtime senior editor Paul Gilkes is cutting his hours on staff and is entering semi-retirement. He will continue to write columns and features for Coin World, as well as news coverage in his areas of expertise, including the in-depth coverage of the United States Mint that readers rely on.

Last, I want to thank Coin World’s staff and freelance contributors for continuing to serve during this crisis. Most of us are working from home with lessened access to work resources. But we’re meeting deadlines and doing our best to continue covering the wide world of numismatics.

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