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Monday Morning Brief for April 24, 2023: More changes

We have made some design changes to the weekly issues of "Coin World," starting with the May 8 issue.

Coin World image.

For subscribers to the print edition of Coin World, you will have already encountered something new before reading this week’s Editorial — your weekly issue was mailed to you in a protective poly bag. You probably also noted some design tweaks on the cover and on the pages inside.

Mailing your weekly issue inside a poly bag should ensure that your copy of Coin World arrives at your home or office or post office box in a cleaner form and, hopefully, with less damage from the travails of being shipped through the mail.

We have long wanted to mail our weekly issues secured within a protective poly bag, and this issue is the first issue to be so shipped.

We have also refreshed the design a little, something we have not done in almost five years. The last redesign — the one you have been used to — was introduced with the Aug. 13, 2018, issue. In that issue we also introduced the “Coin Values Spotlight,” its focus on a single U.S. coin. That first column, which I wrote, focused on the General Services Administration packaged 1878-CC Morgan dollar. This week’s column, which I also wrote, focuses on another silver dollar issued a year earlier than that Carson City Mint issue — the 1877-S Trade dollar, whose status as having the largest mintage for the series makes it the perfect selection for a type set. The Spotlight column will continue to appear in our weekly issues, with only the rare break occurring.

Coin World is undergoing a period of change, aimed at providing you, our readers, what you need to know to navigate and enjoy our shared hobby.

The introduction of a new design for this weekly issue follows the introduction of a new publication, Coin World Trends, mailed concurrently with the May monthly issue and the 2023 edition of Coin World’s Most Influential People publication. Both Trends and Most Influential People were edited by Larry Jewett, our editorial director.

Will there be more changes in the future?

Of course there will be. Our founder, J. Oliver Amos, was always fond of saying that change would always happen. One change is in the future that I will share later.  

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