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Monday Morning Brief: Beginning our 60th anniversary celebration

Sixty years ago in April, the first weekly newspaper for coin collectors made its debut and became an instant success.

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As I write this column on March 19, my thoughts are filled with two subjects: the beginning of our 60th anniversary coverage and a worsening world situation as we all find ourselves adjusting to a new pandemic that has killed so many.

Sixty years ago this month, Coin World was born, first as a Sample Edition mailed to potential subscribers in March, and then the Volume 1, Number 1 issue with its cover date of April 21, shown on this page.

It has been a remarkable 60 years and Coin World has been in the forefront of reporting on the numismatic community since its first issue.

The power of the press was seen in that very first April issue. Our March Sample Edition had featured a news article about the theft of some rare paper money. A dealer who received a copy of the Sample Edition remembered that article when a customer brought the notes in for sale. That initial sample news story directly resulted in the recovery of the notes for their rightful owner, as was reported in that first April issue. That result was solid proof that a weekly newspaper for the numismatic community had worth. Since then, we have proved that thousands of times.

Among our coverage of our founding in this issue is a reprint of an interview that our former editor, Beth Deisher, had with founding publisher J. Oliver Amos in the 1980s. Mr. Amos shared with Beth how the numismatic community reacted when he proposed to them the concept of a weekly newspaper for coin collectors. Most in the hobby told him it would never work; he proved them wrong.

Physically, Coin World has changed over the decades. Just published is the April monthly magazine edition, a form vastly different from those old newsprint issues, but just as relevant today as it was then. Our weekly issues continue to report on the news and offer columns, features, and more every month.

But we also have publishing capabilities undreamt of in 1960: a website, e-newsletters, a Facebook page. We can publish news almost instantaneously online, something that is vital in a fast-changing world like the one we are experiencing today.

I personally have been with Coin World for nearly half a century, first as a subscriber and since 1976, as a staff member. I have enjoyed almost every minute of my time on staff.

None of this would have been possible if not for the contributions of the dozens of editors, staff writers, freelance contributors, designers, imaging staff and other supporting staff members, and especially for you, our subscribers and advertisers. Our success is your success as well.

The weeks ahead will be challenging in ways I did not imagine when I began thinking about our 60th anniversary coverage. I am working from home because of the pandemic; I expect to for at least a few weeks if not longer.

Steve Roach’s “The Investment Column” focuses on the pandemic, and he offers some advice on getting through the tough weeks ahead. Please read it on Page 8.

I want to thank every one of you who is part of the Coin World extended family. You made our 60 years possible. Here is looking to decades more of service to you.

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