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Mitch Ernst announces candidacy for ANA governor

Nebraska hobbyist Mitch Ernst seeks election to a two-year term on the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors.

Image courtesy of Mitch Ernst.

Nebraska collector Mitch Ernst issued the following release announcing his candidacy for the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors:

Nebraska hobbyist and hobby promoter Mitch Ernst has declared his candidacy for the upcoming American Numismatic Association Board election. 

"I have served the numismatic community on the local, state, district and regional level. In those capacities, I have seen the need for more understanding of how non-profits should operate, the role of proper governance and the need of fund raising at all levels of the hobby.”

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To address the issues he has seen, Ernst took a certification course at the University of Nebraska/Omaha in Non-Profit and Fundraising Management, receiving his CFM in the fall of 2016 after two years of study. 

“I would like to share the knowledge I have learned by serving on the ANA board. Good intentions, running a business and even numismatic experience are wonderful, but, sometimes, that isn't always enough to help find answers to how hobby organizations can stay relevant and financially sound  in today’s world and into the future,” said Ernst.

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His objectives if elected? “I hope through my service on the ANA Board, basic guidelines and principles could be drawn up and shared for clubs, of all shapes and sizes, to follow across the country. No one needs to reinvent the wheel, but I would like to help make sure all the tires are fully inflated.”

Numismatic biography:

  • 2007-Present       President/Editor Omaha Coin Club
  • 2008-Present       President/Editor Nebraska Numismatic Association
  • 2009 ANA Presidential Award
  • 2012-2014 CSNS [Central States Numismatic Society] Governor
  • 2014 Krause Numismatic Ambassador
  • 2015 ANA Glenn Smedley Award
  • 2016 ANA Medal of Merit Award
  • ANA District Representative –Nebraska
  • ANA Certified Exhibit Judge
  • Award winning exhibitor at both the ANA and CSNS
  • 2015 Winner of ANA Outstanding Club Publication contest -Omaha Coin Club News
  • CSNS Life Member
  • Omaha Coin Club Show Chairman 2010-2015
  • Certified Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor
  • Frequent contributor to CSNS’s The Centinel

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