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Mint studying results of recent discount program

Order reconciliation is ongoing at the U.S. Mint for sales from the targeted discount offering of three 2021 annual coin sets to lapsed and lapsing customers.

Image courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

The United States Mint is still reconciling sales of certain annual numismatic sets from its inventory offered at 40% discounts to a targeted audience.

Email alerts were sent by the Mint to targeted lapsed and lapsing customers Sept. 13 and 14.

The discounts were offered on 2021 Proof, Silver Proof and Uncirculated Coin sets. The discount offer ended Sept. 30.

“With respect to the Annual Sets discounts, it is important to note that this promotion was 100 percent geared towards customer reactivation,” according to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White Oct. 4. “It was a ‘Reactivation Discount for Lapsed and Lapsing Customers.’ ”
➤ The discount was offered via targeted email that went out only to lapsed and lapsing customers that had not ordered since October of 2021.
➤ The emails included a single use redemption code, redeemable only by the recipient of the email.
➤ As per the promotional emails, the discount opportunity expired at midnight on 9/30.
➤ While the discount was successful at reactivating many lapsed and lapsing customers, the final evaluation of the program is currently underway and final performance results are currently not available.

The discounts were applied to the retail prices of $32 on the Proof set, $105 on the Silver Proof set, and $25.25 on the Uncirculated Coin Set.

Purchases for the targeted customers were limited to one example of each of the three annual sets in the offer.

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