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Mint strikes no quarter dollars during April

The U.S. Mint has released its circulating coin production mintages for April, which reveal that the Mint struck only three denominations for circulation, plus a fourth denomination for collector sales.

The facilities struck cents, 5-cent coins and dimes for circulation, with production of Presidential dollars limited to those needed for collector sales.

Figures posted on the Mint’s website show that the Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver struck no circulation-quality quarter dollars, half dollars or Native American dollars during the month of April.

Total strikes thus far for these three series during calender year 2012 include 9.48 million America the Beautiful quarter dollars, 3.5 million Kennedy half dollars and 5.6 million Sacagawea, Native American dollars.

Presidential dollar strikes reached an overall total of 20.72 million coins in April, comprising dollars featuring Presidents Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland (First Term) and Benjamin Harrison.

The Mint reports no circulation-quality strikes yet for the Grover Cleveland (Second Term) dollar, the fourth and final Presidential dollar of 2012.

Production for all 2012 Presidential dollars is limited to what is needed for collector sales.

Production of the lower denomination circulation strikes — cents, 5-cent coins and dimes — continued at a brisk pace in April. The Philadelphia Mint struck 296 million Lincoln cents, 48.24 million Jefferson 5-cent coins and 69 million Roosevelt dimes. The Denver Mint minted 291.6 million cents, 58.08 million 5-cent coins and 83.5 million dimes during the month.

For the entire year, the two Mint facilities have struck 1,957,600,000 Lincoln cents, 380.88 million Jefferson 5-cent coins and 559 million Roosevelt dimes.

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