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Mint strikes coins at near-record levels to fight shortages

Image illustrates freshly struck U.S. quarter dollars from circulating coinage production at the Philadelphia Mint.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

With the Federal Reserve continuing to struggle to get United States coinage into general circulation in areas of need nationwide, the U.S. Mint has been striking circulating coins at a near-record pace.

According to the Mint’s Facebook page, “From January 2020 to today [Aug. 18] the United States Mint has minted more than 22 billion coins — near record production levels. Historically, the Mint has produced less than 20 percent of coins in circulation annually.

“This year — thanks to the tireless work of our manufacturing team — we are contributing 30 percent of coins introduced into the coin supply chain.”

Certain areas of the nation have faced coin shortages since 2020, in part caused by the pandemic and its effect on shopping and other commerce. The Mint increased coinage production to help overcome the shortage.

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