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Mint State Silver Center Cent Featured in Heritage CSNS

A mint state example of the first coin struck inside the Philadelphia Mint highlights the Platinum Night festivities at Heritage Auctions’ April 18-22 US Coins & Platinum Night CSNS Signature Auction, to take place in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago.

Other pattern coins had been struck in 1792 before the commencement of official coinage in 1793, but the silver center cent, an early attempt to mint cents in a small. manageable size, was the first coin struck within the Philadelphia mint building. A note in Chief Coiner Henry Voigt's journal sets the date of striking at December 17, 1792.

Fourteen examples of the silver center cent are known, with this coin, the Morris specimen, the third finest known. The coin's pedigree goes back over 100 years to an auction in 1905.

As might be expected for a Heritage Platinum night, highlights abound. Early gold is well-represented by an MS64 1795 eagle and an MS63 1808 quarter eagle, both among the finest known of their respective issues. The always-popular and very rare 1921 double eagle makes an appearance in Platinum Night as well, exemplified by a beautiful MS63 specimen.

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