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Mint sets price for 225th Anniversary four-medal set

UPDATE: The U.S. Mint announced Sept. 14 that the mintage limit for the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Four-Medal set will be 50,000 with a household ordering limit of two sets.

The price for the American Liberty 225th Anniversary Silver Four-Medal set, to be issued by the U.S. Mint at noon Eastern Time Oct. 19, is $199.95.

The announcement was posted Sept. 12 in the Federal Register.

On Spt. 14, the Mint posted on its website that the product will be limited to a maximum release of 50,000 sets, with a household ordering limit of two sets.

Collectors had been wondering whether there would be set mintages for the four-medal set or if the sets would be struck to order as is the single Proof 2017-P American Liberty 225th Anniversary silver medal released June 14 at $59.95 each. Through the Mint’s Sept. 4 sales report, the Mint recorded sales of 43,947 of that medal.

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The four-medal set holds one American Liberty 1-ounce .999 fine silver medal from each of the four U.S. Mint production facilities, with each medal bearing a different finish and each bearing the Mint mark of the facility where the medal was struck. The blanks have the same specifications as those used to strike American Eagle silver coins.

The set’s 2017-P medal, from the Philadelphia Mint, has a Reverse Proof finish (with mirrored devices against frosted fields); the 2017-D piece, from the Denver Mint, has an Uncirculated finish (the planchets are burnished by being tumbled with steel media in a cleaning and brightening solution and then dried before striking); the 2017-S medal, from the San Francisco Mint, has a standard Proof surface (with frosted devices against mirrored fields); and the finish on 2017-W medal from the West Point Mint is termed Enhanced Uncirculated (struck on burnished planchets by dies on which design elements were selectively treated with varying intensities of laser frosting and polishing).

All four medals bear the same designs that appear on the 2017-W American Liberty 225th Anniversary gold $100 coin, except without coin inscriptions. The obverse design is a modern rendition of Liberty as an African-American woman, and the reverse depicts an eagle in flight.

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