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Mint reveals product release schedule for early 2021

The 2021 Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter dollar carries the final design in the 56-coin America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint

Release dates for U.S. Mint numismatic products scheduled from Jan. 5 through March 25 were posted by the bureau on its website Nov. 24.

Specific release dates are identified for 19 numismatic products. Also posted are tentative release time periods by season for 29 products, with another 15 numismatic products listed with TBD (to be determined) in place of a release date.

Some product releases scheduled for mid-year include individual gold and silver 2021 American Eagles bearing the new reverse designs, as well as multicoin gold sets including the new gold reverse paired with a 2021 coin carrying the 1986 to 2021 reverse.

Some of the releases are for 2020 products whose initial release dates were postponed because of production interruptions caused by COVID-19 shutdowns.

Kicking off 2021 numismatic products are the Birth set and Happy Birthday set Jan. 5.

The Birth set will contain Proof 2021-S versions of the Lincoln cent, Jefferson 5-cent coin, Roosevelt dime, Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter dollar and Kennedy half dollar.

The Happy Birthday set will contain the same five Proof coins in different packaging.

Remaining numismatic products with specific release dates include:
➤ Jan. 7: Proof 2021-W American Eagle silver dollar. This issue will bear the Heraldic Eagle reverse design introduced in 1986. In mid-2021, the Mint plans to release another Proof American Eagle silver dollar, albeit with the new reverse design.
➤ Jan. 7: Congratulations Set. The set will include a Proof 2021-W American Eagle silver dollar with the Heraldic Eagle reverse.
➤ Jan. 19: 2020 American Innovation, South Carolina dollars in 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags from the Denver Mint or Philadelphia Mint.
➤ Feb. 1: Martin Van Buren Presidential silver medal. The Presidential silver medal series was introduced in August 2018. The medal is struck on the same 1-ounce .999 fine silver planchets used for American Eagle silver dollars. It will bear a Matte Finish and be produced at the Philadelphia Mint. The medal, measuring 1.598 inches or 40.6 millimeters, will not bear the facility’s P Mint mark.
➤ Feb. 1: Reverse Proof 2020-S American Innovation, South Carolina dollar.
➤ Feb. 4: Proof 2021-W First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Freedom of Religion platinum coin.
➤ Feb. 8: 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags of circulation quality 2021 Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter dollars. The coins are available from the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints. The coin is the 56th and final issue from the America the Beautiful Quarters Program. The coin is being released into general circulation Feb. 8 through the Federal Reserve.
➤ Feb. 8: U.S. Air Force silver medal. The 2.5-ounce .999 fine silver medal will exhibit a Matte Finish. The diameter is 2 inches or 50.8 millimeters.
➤ Feb. 16: 2021 Native American dollars in 25-coin rolls, 100-coin bags and 250-coin boxes separately from the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints.
➤ March 5: 2021-S Proof set. The set contains coins each in base metals, exhibiting frosted devices against mirrored fields.
➤ March 11: Single 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce gold Proof 2021 American Eagles and four-coin gold Proof set exhibiting the original Family of Eagles reverse introduced in 1986.
➤ March 25: 2021-P Uncirculated Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site 5-ounce silver quarter dollar.

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