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Mint reorganizes upper, middle management

The U.S. Mint has implemented an extensive reorganization of its middle and upper management in an effort, officials say, to maximize its human resources and to better serve its external and internal customers.

The Mint reorganization was announced Dec. 11 by Deputy U.S. Mint Director Richard A. Peterson.

The assignments become effective Jan. 2.

Peterson’s Mint-wide organizational announcement states that the U.S. Mint’s current associate director of Sales and Marketing, B.B. Craig, will become executive lead for the Comprehensive Production Schedule and Plan Project.

Peterson said in his new role, Craig will be responsible for creating a model master plan and calendar for the annual production and distribution of circulating, numismatic and bullion products.

Sherry Suggs, currently the deputy associate director of sales and marketing, will launch a new effort to develop the U.S. Mint’s operations manual, creating standards for and consolidating internal guidance and practices.

Craig and Suggs will both report to Beverly Babers, the U.S. Mint’s chief administrative officer.

J. Marc Landry, currently the plant manager at the Philadelphia Mint, has agreed to also serve as acting associate director of Sales and Marketing, Peterson said. In the near term, Landry will split his time between U.S. Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C., and the Philadelphia Mint, Peterson said.

As acting director of Sales and Marketing, Landry will work closely with Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint’s Office of Public Affairs, to review roles and responsibilities. The goal is to establish a marketing communications team reporting to Jurkowsky and an operations-focused team reporting to Landry, Peterson said.

New acting deputy

Jurkowsky’s current deputy in the Office of Public Affairs, Mary Lhotsky, will serve as acting deputy associate director of Sales and Marketing for Landry. Lhotsky will lead the Customer Voice initiative, working with Sales and Marketing and other Mint employees to chart best possible customer service strategy, and create a comprehensive outreach and marketing communication plan.

The plant manager at the Denver Mint, David Croft, will continue in that position, but also assume the role of acting associate director of manufacturing.

Croft will continue to report to Peterson in Peterson’s role as deputy Mint director. Landry as Philadelphia Mint plant manager will report to Croft.

In his role as acting associate director of sales and marketing, Landry will report to Babers.

Lead sculptor posting

Ron Harrigal, who has spent the past two years as acting chief engraver, will return to his position of record as senior adviser to the associate director of Manufacturing.

The Digital Process and Development team, headed by Steve Antonucci, along with the Tool and Die Engraving team in Philadelphia, will report to Croft in his role as the acting associate director of Manufacturing.

Peterson said the U.S. Mint also plans to post the position of lead sculptor in the coming weeks, according to the announcement.

Donald Everhart II, a U.S. Mint sculptor-engraver and senior member of the engraving staff stationed at the Philadelphia Mint, has functioned in the role of lead sculptor-engraver since soon after John Mercanti’s retirement in December 2011 from the titular role of chief engraver.

The lead sculptor to be named will report directly to Peterson.

To allow for a smooth transition, Harrigal’s move isn’t effective until Jan. 20. ¦

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