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Mint re-offers more 2021 Morgan and Peace silver dollars

Just when you thought the U.S. Mint’s sales window for the limited-edition 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars had closed, sales briefly reopened Dec. 14 for all options, making thousands of the coins again available.

A number of coins in each option, made available through order cancellations and program reconciliation, quickly sold out again. The U.S. Mint raised the  original one-coin-per-household order limit to allow three coins of each option.

Some customers who were successful when ordering the coins during their initial offering claim they were blocked from placing orders for additional coins.

Email notifications were sent from the Mint’s website to bureau customers who checked the “Remind Me” tab on individual product pages. Some customers reported the notifications were received after the limited number of coins were reoffered, not allowing for order placement to be executed.

The U.S. Mint initially offered, on three different dates, five 2021 Morgan silver dollars struck at three different current production facilities, with a mintage limit of 175,000 coins each, and priced at $85 each.

The Philadelphia Mint was also authorized to strike and release up to 200,000 Peace silver dollars. The Peace dollars were also offered at $85 each.

The 2021 silver dollars were issued under a law designed to recognize the transition of production in 1921 from the Morgan to Peace designs.

U.S. Mint sales totals as of Dec. 15 for the six products options, followed by the number of each option made available online Dec. 14 follow:
➤ 2021 CC privy marked Morgan dollar, 173,480; 8,912.
➤ 2021 O privy marked Morgan dollar, 173,145; 8,537.
➤ 2021 Morgan dollar, Philadelphia Mint, no Mint mark, 173,891; 7,251.
➤ 2021-S Morgan dollar, San Francisco Mint, 174,090; 5,573.
➤ 2021-D Morgan dollar, Denver Mint, 173,769; 5,862.
➤ 2021 Peace dollar, Philadelphia Mint, no Mint mark, 198,873; 8,813.

Should additional coins for each product option become available again through continued order reconciliation, the U.S. Mint has the discretion to re-offer the additional product, as long as the total does not exceed established maximum mintage limits.

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