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Mint raising its prices for dollar purchases in roll, box quantities

Pricing for a 250-coin box of circulation-quality 2020 Native American dollars is hiked to $289.75, from $275.95.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint

The United States Mint’s prices for its bags, rolls, and boxes of circulation-quality 2020 dollar coins are now roughly 5 percent higher, according to a Sept. 21 notice posted on the Federal Register online.

When the 250-coin boxes of 2020-P and 2020-D Native American dollars were first offered for sale Feb. 12, the price was $275.95. That price is now hiked to $289.75, a $13.80 increase. The Mint will charge the same $289.75 for the 250-coin boxes of 2020-P and 2020-D George H.W. Bush Presidential dollars to be offered later this year.

The price for the 25-coin rolls of 2020 American Innovation dollars, celebrating Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and South Carolina, from either the Denver or Philadelphia Mint, will be set at $34.50, up from the $32.95 per roll charged for the 2019 American Innovation $1 coin rolls.

The 100-coin bags of 2020 American Innovation dollars will be increased to $117.50, from $111.95. The bags are available containing coins from either the Denver or the Philadelphia production facility.

The same prices will be in effect for the 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags of Bush Presidential dollars when they are first offered.

Circulation-quality American Innovation dollars are not offered in 250-coin boxes.

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