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Mint's 225th anniversary party kicks off in January

The U.S. Mint is planning to kick off a yearlong celebration in 2017 of its 225th anniversary with a news event Jan. 12 in the Cash Room of the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C.

The 1 p.m. kick-off ceremony will include the unveiling of the adopted obverse, reverse and edge designs for the dual-dated 1792–2017-W American Liberty gold $100 coin.

The coin is scheduled to be released sometime in the spring, according to U.S. Mint officials.

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Earlier in 2016, during a meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, an informational brochure was circulated among members which illustrated the adopted obverse design of the high relief coin.

The illustration, shown here, also includes a partial look at the edge device to include 225TH ANNIVERSARY and 13 five-point stars. The edge device will be imparted using a three-part, segmented collar.

Both the CCAC and Commission of Fine Arts recommended a proposed reverse design depicting an eagle in flight with its wings on the downward thrust. The adopted reverse will not be publicly disclosed until Jan. 12.

2017 American Liberty gold coinFirst look: 2017 American Liberty gold coin:
The design depicts Liberty as an African-American woman, facing left, wearing a crown of stars as an homage to the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol dome.

The Jan. 12 event will be the first of many for the Mint’s anniversary year.

Mint officials released the following “Note to Editors” Dec. 6 concerning the Jan. 12 kick-off event for the Mint’s 225th Anniversary:

“Throughout next year, the Mint will also highlight the unique contributions the Mint makes to American society and commerce. Many people don’t know that as both a self-sustaining corporation and a government agency, the revenue generated from the Mint’s operations goes back to the taxpayer,” the Mint stated.

“From a manufacturing standpoint, we drive innovation through new technology and lean practices.

“Obviously a lot has changed since our founding in 1792 — from the coins we make that tell America’s history, to how and why we make them — and we look forward to sharing these stories throughout the new year.”

The Bureau of the Mint was legislatively authorized by Congress on April 2, 1792.

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