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Mint details Philadelphia Mint output of 2020 American Eagle silver bullion coins

The Philadelphia Mint struck 240,000 American Eagle silver bullion coins during the two weeks it supported the West Point Mint in April as production at West Point was reduced.

“Monster boxes of 2020 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins minted in Philadelphia were affixed with a typed label containing the box tracking number; additionally, box tracking numbers were hand written directly on the boxes,” U.S. Mint said.

“Box tracking numbers 400,000 through and including 400,479 were used on boxes of coins minted in Philadelphia.” The monster boxes each contain 25 tubes of 20 coins, for a total of 500 coins in each box.

The only means by which buyers of the monster boxes and grading services will be able to differentiate the Philadelphia Mint coins from the West Point strikes is by the labeling and handwritten markings on the boxes referencing the box tracking numbers for the Philadelphia coins.

The American Eagle silver bullion coins are considered to be homogenous, and none bears a Mint mark designating the facility where it was produced, according to officials.

“The [U.S.] Mint’s goal is to ensure that the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins struck at any of its facilities are identical and indistinguishable from one another,” according to U.S. Mint officials.

From April 8 to April 20, the U.S. Mint added silver American Eagle production to Philadelphia as the bureau temporarily reduced production in several facilities to reduce the risk of employee exposure to COVID-19.

Silver and gold American Eagle production was resumed at the West Point Mint on April 21 after being shut down April 15.

According to U.S. Mint officials, the 240,000 American Eagle silver bullion coins minted in Philadelphia were all packaged manually for the authorized purchasers who bought the coins.

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