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Mint celebrates 2007 platinum anniversary with set

This is the third part of a feature story about finishes used on U.S. coins, which first appeared in the June 6, 2016, Monthly issue of Coin World:

The Reverse Proof finish was employed on the 2007-W American Eagle half-ounce platinum coin as part of a limited-edition two-coin set to mark the 10th anniversary of the American Eagle platinum series, which was introduced in 1997. The set contains two American Eagle half-ounce .9995 fine platinum coins, one of which is a Cameo Proof coin and the other the Reverse Proof coin.

The 2007 10th Anniversary platinum set was restricted to a maximum product release of 30,000 sets. The West Point Mint struck the entire maximum authorization before the sets went on sale. The U.S. Mint began sales of the set on Dec. 13, 2007, at $1,949.95 per set.

The Mint had introduced its Uncirculated finish for the American Eagle platinum coins the year before.

Sales of the sets were suspended twice in 2008. The price was adjusted in reaction to rising platinum prices after a Feb. 8, 2008, suspension, and sales resumed April 14. Sales were suspended a second time Aug. 6 and the set was never put on sale again by the Mint.

Reconciliation of orders through returns and cancellations ended with a final total of 16,937 sets sold. The 13,063 unsold sets were disassembled and the coins subsequently melted.

Several two-piece platinum sets were recently offered on eBay at nearly $2,000 each with no takers. All of the coins were certified under the PCGS First Strike program, with the Proof coins each graded Proof 70 Deep Cameo and the Reverse Proofs as Proof 69.

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