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Mint addresses delays in shipping Baseball gold coins

The U.S. Mint has addressed its delay in shipping the 2014-W National Baseball Hall of Fame gold $5 half eagles. 

The Baseball Hall of Fame coin program launched on March 27 and the gold $5 half eagle sold out several days later. 

However, the gold coins were still being shipped to purchasers into September.  

On Sept. 23, Adam Stump, deputy officer, Department of Corporate Communications for the U.S. Mint, stated that the Mint has, to date,  shipped approximately 99.8 percent of the gold coins it was authorized to produce. He added that all holds have been verified and released, but that while the Mint transitions to its new order management system, no additional orders will be shipped until the week of Oct. 1. 

All orders on ‘backorder’

In explaining the shipping delay, Stump explained that all orders for the gold coins were placed on an immediate backorder status. He said: “Due to system limitations, all orders had to be manually reviewed in order to ensure that they did not violate the household order limits [50 each of Uncirculated and Proof $5 gold coins] and met the requirements for a legitimate order. This manual process took an enormous amount of time.”

Stump said, “Until the orders were thoroughly reviewed and all inventory received, we could not begin the cancellation process. Unfortunately this took several months.”

Many customers who ordered gold coins were sent numerous backorder notices that extended the shipping date into the future.

For example, one Mint customer who contacted Coin World ordered several examples each of the Proof and Uncirculated gold commemorative coins on March 28 from the U.S. Mint website. He received at least six backorder notices through mid-September. The orders for both the Proof and Uncirculated coins were ultimately canceled by the Mint in late September, nearly six months after the product was ordered.

Stump stressed, “With the launch of our new order management system, the manual order process that caused this delay should no longer happen.”

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